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Dehradun Escorts Unfold Sexual Events in a Magical Manner

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Sex is very much like eating chocolate or ice-cream. Sometimes, you are in the mood for Strawberry flavor and other times you feel an urge of plain Vanilla. Similarly, sometimes male feel hungry for wild sex and other times crave for slow and sensual sex. Whatever be your sexual fantasy, Dehradun escorts offer unparalleled level of sex satisfaction when they are in close encounter with you.

Setting the Right Mood

Setting the right mood is the first step to start a sexual journey on the high note. All males would agree that if their female partners are able to set the right mood, they will take no time in going under the sheets. Dehradun call girls understand this basic desire and make sure to set the right mood for their partners. They take care of smallest of details from candles to wine to ignite the fire of romance in a room. Once ambiance is created, they flaunt their beautiful body curves by wearing pretty lingerie and dim the light.

Pampering before Main Act

Who does not like pampering? Especially, if females are pampering their male partners, it would be an icing on the cake. To start the romantic night on a high note, the call girls of Dehradun start with kissing. They start with the gentle kiss on the cheek and slowly and steadily go down to make their partner feel sexy and special. They start undressing them in the most sensual manner by unbuttoning their shirts and undo their trousers. Just imagine, kissing and undressing is going simultaneously. This is one of those moments which make males go gaga over them. They kiss you, undress you, undress themselves also and give a hint that they cannot wait any longer.

Dirty Talks followed by Foreplay

Dehradun escorts want to talk dirty and you are ready to go deep down. But, wait! They will never allow you to go to the main action so early. They know how to raise the curiosity level of males and want to make you feel that they are not easy to handle. Once they feel it is time to start with action, they take no time in giving their partners a French kiss, hold their hands, caress and cuddle them in the most pleasurable way. One by one, they start touching the body part with a little noise and blow away the senses with their sexy tricks. What can be a better way to increase sexual intimacy?

Sexual Intercourse in Different Positions

Might be you are a shy personality, but certainly escorts of Dehradun are not. They are ready to handle you in all those positions in which eye and body contain remain intact. Romance followed by rhythm, kissing, touching and butt smacking are few activities going side by side when you are above them.

You want to enjoy in a new position? Do not worry; she knows all those sex positions which offer maximum pleasure. Start with spooning where you both are lying on the side and facing the same direction. Give him a privileged feeling to enter from behind. If you enjoy missionary position the most, call girls of Dehradun will add a twist in the position to make it more entertaining. When the escorts are lying down and their partners are above them, they make a request to settle down on all fours. Once the male partners take such position, they raise their pelvis to offer the unmatchable pleasure. Imagine, males are in missionary position and getting all sex pleasure without making any effort. It is because Dehradun escorts do all moving. What could be a better way to view and appreciate their assets?

If you are all charge-up for the third round also, they will not disappoint you as they are in super charge position. This time, Dehradun call girls for superhot and intimate positions like figure eight position and straddle up. Once you feel exhausted will sexual encounter, they will never allow you to go straight before saying anything. They value their each client therefore take a few minutes to bond and reconnect with them by spending few wonderful moments and asking about the best sex moves.

Even they will tell their clients how great they were and they had one of the best sex of their lives. So, what are you waiting for? Look for a reputed escort agency in Dehradun and hire the sexy Dehradun escort to experience the best sex encounter of your lifetime.