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Have Sex to Lead Blissful and Healthy Life

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Different people have different ways to express their love. Some prefer hugging and kissing often while others keep romance alive by having sex on a regular basis. Enjoying sex daily not only provides pleasure but also promotes overall well-being of a couple. Wondering how? Here are the promising reasons which compel you to think about enjoying this sexual activity regularly.

De-stress - If deep breathing exercises fail to de-stress you, give a try to sex. While indulging in sexual intimacy, body produces dopamine. It is a substance which helps in fighting the stress hormone. Those people who indulge in sex-exercise often are less anxious and cheerful. Moreover, many studies have revealed the fact that those people who engage in regular bedroom activities are able to handle stress better.

Burn Calories with Sex – Brisk walking and cycling are physical activities that help in burning calories and so is the sex. What happens during physical activities, the respiratory rate increases which make you tired, exhausted and burn your calories. If a person indulges in sex even for three times in a week that too for half an hour, he actually burns over 80 calories. So, it is not wrong to say that regular sex actually work wonders for waistline.

Makes Heart Healthy - Every exercise is good for heart and sex is no exception. This physical activity actually helps in making heart healthy by increasing blood circulation to cells and organs. Moreover, regular love making also increases immunity level by boosting antibody known as immunoglobulin A (IgA). Increase in antibody level gives body the strength to fight against common illnesses like fever, cold, etc.

Some other benefits of having sex regularly are:
  • It provides relief from headaches by increasing level of endorphin hormone.
  • Sex is the best medicine for impotent people. The more they try, better they will perform. It is because during erection, blood flows through penile arteries. This results in making tissues strong and healthy.
  • Everyone will agree with this fact that after sex every couple enjoys good night’s sleep.
  • Oestrogen and testosterone are two hormones that help in improving bones and muscles’ strength and also check the cholesterol level in the body. Sex actually produces these hormones.
  • One of the American studies reveals that regular ejaculation reduces the chances of prostate cancer in males.
  • Enjoying hot and steamy sex session in the bedroom spikes the oxytocin hormone which makes a person happy and increases sexual intimacy with his partner.

Last but not the least, sex increases lifespan of an individual by making heart healthy, promoting bones and muscles’ strength and increasing blood circulation in the body. So, if you are married and want to re-ignite the spark of love and romance in your married life, woo her by enjoying the best sex of your life. And if you are single or heartbroken of looking for someone who can be a real sex goddess in the bed, try sex with Dehradun escorts. They are young, intelligent, seductive and friendly.